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LED head torch, and mini torch
« on: March 15, 2017, 13:08:40 »
Went into Aldi's yesterday and came across these two torches for £4.99 which includes a 3 year warranty. I've been thinking of getting one of these head torches for quite some time, and have looked at various makes and models.But at £4.99 I thought what the heck.
So last night I turned them on and was amazed at just how much light these things throw out, the head torch has 3 settings ( 1 led ) 100%, 50%, and then flashing. Then obviously off ( so 4 settings you could say )
The mini torch which is made out of aluminium has the on-off button at end, and comes with a carrying strap if needed. The head torch ( which is adjustable for angles) is made of hard plastic. I think that both should last well. All in all a bargain at that price. It might not suit everyone, but for camping and maybe fixing something in the dark, it's bang on.
Unless it's got two wheels and an engine slung in the middle, I'm not interested.

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Re: LED head torch, and mini torch
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2017, 19:49:11 »
I've bought a couple of these over the years for use on my pushbike
Ridiculously bright, I'm sure the flashing mode would induce epileptic fits, rechargeable and waterproof.
The only issues have been if they aren't used enough the batteries can die.
Can't fault em otherwise.  :thumb: