Author Topic: Sharealike DL Basket combined with SV hub !!  (Read 2805 times)

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Sharealike DL Basket combined with SV hub !!
« on: April 20, 2015, 22:33:37 »
For anybody who has any doubts about the effectiveness of the "Sharealike" clutch modification, do yourself a big favour; forget your doubts and send your clutch basket to John at VibefreeV. He offers a great service and, more to the point, the modification really does work :thumb: .  My K7 Vee  has only covered  21,000 miles, but showed all of the signs and symptoms of the chudder problem!! :wtf: .
I tried an SV1000 clutch from a spare motor to see if this would improve matters; sadly it made very little improvement to the noise and the vibration :angry-tappingfoot: .  However, the SV uses a different centre hub  with a mechanical  slipper clutch.  This mechanism loads the springs under acceleration and eases the spring pressure on the clutch plates on the over run. This set up allows Suzuki to  use  small, light springs  on an SV clutch, instead of the monsters used on the stock DL stock clutch;  much less pressure required at the clutch lever :))) .  
Fairly peed off that the SV clutch did next to sod all to help with the vibes, so I contacted John Sykes at Sharealike to discuss the modification he was offering.
After a couple of calls with John, we arranged to meet up in Sheffield.  I had travelled up for work and  had some heavy parts that were useful to him for another conversion that he is currently developing.  So, to save lining the couriers pockets,  we met up for a coffee  and I handed over my SV clutch basket and the afore mentioned heavy parts.
A week later my clutch basket arrived back.  I stripped the bike down on Saturday afternoon and fitted the modified DL clutch basket :fix: .  I decided to stick with the SV clutch hub and pressure plate and springs (you need the SV washer  between the hub and the basket as well) really liking the lighter operation of the clutch.
The modified basket makes an amazing difference :grin: .  The lack of vibration makes for a fantastic improvement in ride quality.  :auto-dirtbike:  :auto-dirtbike:
 Excellent modification and worth every penny.
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