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clutch replacement
« on: February 07, 2015, 02:44:17 »
here's my report on how good was the trade with john from vibefree.
7 days from UK to New caledonia south pacific to deliver using DHL, really fast.
the package was in really good condition, nothing missing. John added me the gasket plus the tool it needs to lock the clutch.

replacement was nice and quick, a work done in around 30/40min minus the time to purge and refill the oil.
everything made with guides on youtube and the downloadable file on his website.

the bike is now running awesomly well, I still have that "apprehension" ridding the bike when I reach these 3500rpm; but this time nothing, I can happilly turn the gaz ON and this in a complete silence. indeed the bike is now somewhat quieter than before...

I did also install my PAIR valve eliminator in minutes. actually it was total useless since I notice the stock tubing were totally wrecked/dead there was a hole in it. Oo

Next time is to install my TRE when I found it in my bedroom ^^
new brake discs; new levers, aaaaaaaannnd new exhausts.

pretty good work I did with a friend theses two past days. my baby comes to live after 12 years running hardcore from its previous owner and 115.000kms  :occasion-balloons:

also VERY good deal sir John offers.... I recommend, its the same price as stock part (at last where I live) and you get extras for nothing more.

// long live to the twin xD