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[0013] Fitting a Gel Pad into a seat (Option 1)
« on: May 04, 2014, 19:33:30 »
Summary: A method for fitting a Gel Pad into a seat. The original post was made by Little Chris and can be found here.

Had a great day with Locky and friends on his mid Wales ride. It was really good to meet you all. Only thing that annoyed me was the gel seat pad I'd velcroed to my seat. Bought it from Damedicasouth last week. It squirmed about all over the place and I lost all my feedback from the seat. So when I got home, having been riding for 9 hours, I set about stripping my seat. :-o

I took the cover off by lifting the staples with a chisel and then pulling them out with some long nose pliers.

I placed the gel pad on the foam where I wanted it and marked the position with a felt tip. I then cut around the line with a Stanley knife and then cut a grid into the foam.

I then pinched each square and peeled it away. Each square was about 5cm and came away really easily.

It left the base quite rough, like craters on the moon.

I hunted round the garage and found a sort of sanding attachment for the drill and slowly went over the foam to smooth it off

I then put some Evo stick in the recess and placed the gel pad in. It fits flush with the foam pad.

I didn't want to feel the different texture between the gel and foam edge so I put duck tape where the two fillings met

Put the cover back on and fixed in place with a staple gun. Can't see its there and will let you know how it feels after a ride tomorrow.

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