Author Topic: DL1000/sv1000 clutch basket mod  (Read 2387 times)

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DL1000/sv1000 clutch basket mod
« on: April 05, 2014, 13:52:11 »
Just wanted to say a big thankyou to John (sharealike).   Just had my clutch basket re engineered as couldn't stand the rattle/shake/noise it was making between 2000/4000 rpm.  Got the bike built back up and on the road for a few days and can't beleive the difference it has made. No disturbing noises,  not even at tickover. The bike purrs through every rev range in every gear just like these engines were designed to do. If anyone has simlar problems with there bike like I had I can't recommend the sharealike enough.  don't want to get off the bike now. :)

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Re: DL1000/sv1000 clutch basket mod
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 16:27:34 »
My 24k mile DL1000 K7 had become increasingly vibey over the past 5000 miles or so. I don't think it was chudder, but riding for more than an hour gave me white hands - it was really bad, the vibes meant I stopped doing long runs as it was so uncomfortable. You couldn't use the mirrors at all, it was all just a blur. I checked the throttle body balance and changed oil, filters etc, no difference. I even bought another bike and kept riding that instead of the Vee!

 I decided to get the clutch basket done, if there was no improvement, then the bike would have to go. After over 5 years of ownership I really wanted to keep it - its the longest I've owned any bike, which is testament to the "Just Right" feel of the Vee to me.

I'm no mechanic, but the removal was really easy, helped by my having a 12v impact gun. I sent John the clutch basket, he rapidly turned it around and I refitted it  week later. The difference was immediately apparent on start up, a much smoother Vee back to its original feel on a long run - no need to trade it in as I had feared. I'm now loving the Vee again and its staying with me.

My humble thanks to Sharealike for coming up with this much needed mod and at a very reasonable price to boot. Without it, I'd no longer be able to keep the Vee and I'd have traded it in with a heavy heart!