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[0003] Suzuki Luggage Catches
« on: November 10, 2013, 09:05:44 »
Summary: Some advice on how to prevent those unfortunate instances where the Suzuki luggage catches have been known to fail and introduce your underwear to the tarmac.

The original post was made by Kevshek and can be found here.

It goes without saying, you need to listen for that CLICK when closing your panniers.

I read a few threads where original panniers have opened whilst on the move. Now that it’s in my head, I cannot get away from it, so today I had a go at looking at the lock system to figure out a fix. Surprisingly, there is a really simple fix for it.

Here’s the background to the problem.

The Suzuki pannier lock using a single latch system, which appears to be substantial enough. The latch mechanism is covered by this cover, held by 3x 15mm screws. This is where it goes wrong........

As soon as this cover is removed, the latch comes/pop out! So in theory all your gear is held by 3x 15mm screws! and these are just screwed into plastic posts (which my lower 2 are cracked from factory!

When the covers on, this raised edge keeps the latch in place.

Think about the pressure on them. Say if you jam pack you pannier, and you’re going for a long ride, something’s going to give.

So here’s what you do, remove the cover. and Measure 45mm in from the edge, and 30mm up to the top edge like so. Repeat for the other side and send a 3mm drill through the marked holes.

Now replace the cover momentarily, but without the latch. Heat up an old screw driver around 2-2,5mm diameter.

Send that through both side where the holes are. This will give/melt you a small pilot hole into the base of the locking system.


To do this, simply remove the 10mm nut at the bottom of the barrel.

There are 3 washers, they go back in order from left to right.

Just dab some Loctite onto the protruding threads and replace the nut.

Once that ground work is done, replace the latch, making sure you first unhook the spring from the top, and insert the leg along the ledge on the side of the base section.

Next locate the pivot posts either side of the latch, keep pressure applied to the latch and hook the spring back onto and over the top of the latch.

Now carefully replace the cover, passing your finger/latch through the cover plate. Remember to retain that pressure of the latch will pop off. Secure the cover with the 3 screws you removed.

Now find yourself a couple of 15mm self tapers like so

Screw them into the new holes you have drilled.

Jobs a goodun! Now you have lateral/shearing force to contend with, before the latch can come apart, not just the original 3x 15mm screw from factory. You can go further and add more if you wish, but this should suffice.

TIP: Now that you know how it's done, you could actually skip the whole cover and latch removal process, just mark the hole location as best possible, and send a hot 2mm - 2.5mm screw driver through the cover and base section and insert your screw. You may need to send it through at a slight angle, so you can get you hand and stubby screw driver in there to tighten it.
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