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Site Feedback / Re: Approaching 7000 members
« Last post by StromGeeza on Today at 10:34:05 »
And a ratio of 1 male:1 gender fluid...

Just had a flashback to the 'milky spyhole' thread, for some reason...
Video Clips / Re: Daily commute
« Last post by bonne on Today at 10:03:55 »
Thanks (-:

Why take ferry when you can drive MC  :happydance:

Shot is taken with Insta360 camera and edited with Insta360 Studio and then mastered with Shotcut
Site Feedback / Re: Approaching 7000 members
« Last post by tallpaul on Today at 09:52:29 »
According to the general stats we have a 1:1 male/ female ratio too...
« Last post by jaimzee on Today at 09:50:03 »
Hello y’all - anyone pls confirm if COSMO SKID PLATE (advertised on here) will fit SW-MOTECH engine bars fitted to my DL650 AL2 2012..??
I have already messaged supplier but he can only confirm COSMO plate will fit GIVI engine bars on DL1000..!!
It looks like a really good product..
Thanks in anticipation..
Try these blokes:

I have bought numerous official Suzuki parts from them and they are good, not as cheap as eBay but they are official parts.
Site Feedback / Approaching 7000 members
« Last post by Fat Rat on Today at 09:16:42 »
The member count as of this morning is 6986.
Video Clips / Re: Daily commute
« Last post by Hugo Magnus on Today at 09:07:06 »
Thank you,
Great camera work, I have no idea how you achieved that. I rode down Sweden in 2017 but took the ferry from Goteborg to Fredrikshavn. I would have loved to do the bridge and tunnel it is a fantastic bit of engineering (and mine sweeping).
Video Clips / Re: An unexpected meeting.
« Last post by mr_diver on Today at 09:01:13 »
Had one run out from the local woodland park entrance while I was traveling along the 50mph road.
Cought a glimps of it run down the lane but far too late to do anything about it.

Swmbo riding pillion saw it looked back to see it miss the rear of the bike by inches.
I thought it was going to t-bone us.

A mile later a gypsy van pulled out in front of me.

Two miles further down the road a dog ran out between two cars from a pub beer garden and was 18" away from going under the front wheel.

I pulled over gave the dog's owners a talking to and we decided to call it a day and not go any further that day.

On a side note, I did hit a pheasant in Snowdonia a few years back.
It ran down a field, hopped over the low wall into the road and straight into my reinforced bashplate.

And it's illegal to pick up roadkill you hit yourself... but fine for the bloke behind you to stuff it in you empty pannier. lol
Video Clips / Re: Daily commute
« Last post by bonne on Today at 08:36:00 »
It is possible for me to work from home as well. But to boring to do so day in and out. Nice to get out to meet people in real life. Especially during these times we really begin to value physical contact
Video Clips / Re: Daily commute
« Last post by Rixington43 on Today at 08:16:23 »
That's great.
I've worked from home for over 10 years and I've never been jealous of someone's commute before but I don't think I'd ever get bored of crossing the øresund.
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