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Tyres / Re: Best tyres
« Last post by joethebike on January 24, 2020, 23:59:58 »
No one mentions the Metzeler Roadtec 01 as a suitable road tyre on the Vstrom which surprises me after the performance of my current set which replaced Michelin PR4s.

The rear has done 12,300 km and should make it to 14K at least with the front at 11,000 with expectations of 15K at least.
Truly excellent grip wet or dry and they will be replaced by the newly released upgraded version when required.

My friends Ducati ST4s has Michelin PR5s and their life has been short with the front especially bad.
Introductions / Re: Greetings from the South West
« Last post by Brockett on January 24, 2020, 23:48:26 »
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Jumped up petrol stations .... :-/
« Last post by Brockett on January 24, 2020, 23:46:39 »
Its chucking it down and I've been on the road for an hour. I stop for petrol. Take off gloves and remove glasses to put them inside my wet jacket. I take off my helmet and wonder where I can put it so that water will not soak up the inside of the lining. I hook it over my arm although wet from my jacket will drip into it. I fill up and go into the kiosk to pay. I need two hands to dig out my wallet and then pull out my debit card.... where do I put my helmet?
No room on the counter, the floor is as wet as the street. So it has to be on the sweets display. bloke behind the counter starts yelling at me and so I smile and remove my ear plugs putting them slowly into their little pouch. Feigning more deafness than  I already suffer I shove my card into the reader. Short of growing another arm I don't see what else I can do.
These tossers who want me to take my helmet off for safety reasons then have to explain to my what they are going to do to treat the diesel that has been spilt all around the forecourt. I ask for their name and the name of their manager so I can report the slip hazzard to the local authorities and the local environmental health department.  Pull out phone and take a photo of said tosser sitting all smug behind his glass screen.  ###

Introductions / Re: Greetings from the South West
« Last post by Graham62 on January 24, 2020, 23:26:38 »
Screens / Re: anyone tried these?....bruudt
« Last post by Barbel Mick on January 24, 2020, 22:57:28 »
Got to be worth a can return them for the cost of postage if you're not happy within 4 weeks!
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Which Glee
« Last post by Fat Rat on January 24, 2020, 22:55:48 »
Ian, I think the new model is bloody horrible for the reasons you mention. You should test ride a Glee  :thumb:
V-Strom specific discussion / Which Glee
« Last post by Loopian on January 24, 2020, 22:52:34 »
I’m hoping to buy a V strom 650 in the near future, I’ve only ridden a 2019 650 as a demo and was very impressed.  However I’d rather spend a bit less and get a pre 2017 model (I prefer the twin headlight, and not so keen on the beak).  So my question is does anyone have any experience of what the real world difference is between the two models and should I maybe try and stretch (financially) to get the newer model.
Thanks Ian
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Jumped up petrol stations .... :-/
« Last post by Barbel Mick on January 24, 2020, 22:46:58 »
Personally I find it difficult to leave my helmet on when doing anything but riding the 'bike so I automatically take it off before starting to fill up. I can't even leave it on when I get off the 'bike to talk to anyone for a minute or two! I feel like them clackwanker 'celebrities' who wear their sunglasses indoors if I don't.
Even when Deb is with me & will go into pay I still take my helmet off to fill up.....maybe it's just me but personally I think it's the right thing to do.
I've got no argument as to why you can't wear your helmet if you choose to when filling up while those with a burka can.  :shrug:
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Jumped up petrol stations .... :-/
« Last post by Ianmc on January 24, 2020, 22:44:00 »
+1 for not taking my helmet off.I have used the same station for about 40 yrs.For my work van,car and bike,as well as groceries etc.They have lost a good customer.Plus I am using a much cheaper station now I am retired.
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Jumped up petrol stations .... :-/
« Last post by kwackboy on January 24, 2020, 22:34:26 »
If paying inside is old school why aren't 80% of the pumps card only ..?

As for taking my fekkin lid off ..... I don't think so ..
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