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Traitors Corner / Re: SP3 Winter Rebuild
« Last post by Mr Nick on April 21, 2019, 23:31:13 »
Carbs rebuilt & back on the bike tonight. I checked out the pump diaphragms as well as the jets just to be sure everything is in order. I'm going to fit the headlight relays before putting the tank back on so that'll be the end of the week probably as I'm waiting for a roll of harness tape & the other relay to appear.

With nothing else to take up my evening, I retired to the patio with a cider or 2 from my own production & watched some scrap tree carcasses combust...

For Sale (Bike related) / Re: May 2018 Vstrom 650 AL7 + Full Touring Kit.
« Last post by Mystrom on April 21, 2019, 23:24:47 »
Pictures / Re: A DL 620 and a DL 755.........
« Last post by Asmith61 on April 21, 2019, 23:17:38 »
 lol lol
Traitors Corner / Re: Confession to make
« Last post by Mr Nick on April 21, 2019, 23:01:51 »
Looking better now: good job there.
If you're after Kawasaki stickers, you could try these:
If you need bigger than 122mm then send them an email & let them know what you're after.
That's a fine looking bike park, I must get over to your campsite, though my weekends are taken up running around after my lass who competes in ultra running.
Pictures / Re: Come on Show us Your Bike :D
« Last post by SimStrom on April 21, 2019, 22:23:21 »
Nice bike there tomrxy, cracking pics!  :thumb:
The weather has been great.
Clothing / Re: Changing helmet visors
« Last post by wurzel on April 21, 2019, 22:05:13 »
You can replace them with the same visor designed for the helmet, but they are often hard to get.
Clothing / Re: Changing helmet visors
« Last post by Rusty Nuts on April 21, 2019, 22:01:59 »
Definitely. What helmet do you have,  what's the reason for wanting to change?
Clothing / Changing helmet visors
« Last post by Johnshiro on April 21, 2019, 21:45:17 »
Anyone one if it’s possible to change the visors on any full face helmet? Cheers, John
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