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Traitors Corner / Re: 2020 KTM Adventure.
« Last post by tallpaul on Today at 18:09:11 »
The front end looks like a representation of the rider's facial expression when opening the throttle...
Traitors Corner / 2020 KTM Adventure.
« Last post by TLPower on Today at 18:03:18 »
Gopping has found a new home...
Traitors Corner / Re: What have you done with your bike today?
« Last post by Mr Nick on Today at 17:54:01 »
Sticking on the disk bobbins maybe?
V-Strom Spotting / Re: gen 2 650 - M3 Sunbury 0645
« Last post by Rusty Nuts on Today at 17:50:53 »
"For a 650"? How very dare you! Must have been a white one, they are known to be faster.
Got the idea from your avatar perhaps doboy.....?  :shrug:
a woman designed the new front end... yea honestly I've been reading about it... they now call it "the pigs snout"..  :grin:
Tyres / Re: OEM tyres! Omg!
« Last post by KatanaAl on Today at 12:51:30 »
The rear Battlewing on my V-Strom 1000 is looking very second hand at 3,800 miles. Bought the bike new in mid May and I must admit I was expecting at least 6,000 from the rear.
I hate the look of the 3 spoke OEM's

I agree with Brockett that the latest multi spoke cast wheels are much nicer - almost as good to look at as proper spokes but with all the other benefits of cast. I didn't like the old 3 spoke wheels, which is mainly why I ended up with an XT Glee (which I foolishly sold!). Best thing you could do is to see whether there is a forum member near you with a newish bike who might let you try their wheels for size - for a couple of beers. You might even find a dealer who will try them for fit, on the promise of a potential purchase of a pair of new wheels! Personally, if they do fit, I'd go for the new cast wheels.
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: Photo Caption competition
« Last post by jabmotorsport on Today at 10:06:18 »
Touratech wing mirror covers

"protects wing mirrors whilst bike is not in use, only £49.99 each"

Touratech - We put the "use" in "useless".
Humour / Re: MOT Fail
« Last post by kwackboy on Today at 09:58:25 »

I'm going to steal that and use it on one of my regulars ..
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