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Re: Flattened V strom
« Reply #20 on: January 12, 2021, 11:30:30 »
I have been with LV for years, only ever made one claim (about 20 years ago) which was when I hit a deer in the middle of the road at night on my way home from work. The claim was processed and the car was repaired and back on the road within a week. You only know how good your insurance is when you make a claim, which is why I am still with them. I have always found them competitive too.
@ Hessy .Hope you make a full recovery soon! The mental side will take longer.

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Re: Flattened V strom
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Thanks again everyone,
Yes I initially claimed from my insurer as he tried to deny it  saying I had ran into him on his side of the road, but when the traffic cop took him to the scene and showed him the gouge marks in the road on my side of the road he broke down and cried and said he didn't see me bless him.
will put some pics of the 2006 bike I got with insurgence money if anyone is interested , it was in a bit of a state (rust mainly) apart from that its a good solid bike that deserves a good make over. its 2006 GT model with only 18000 miles, only paid £1500 for her

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Re: Flattened V strom
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"insurgence money"  lol   just got to love spell check eh?    + one for the good wishes already expressed by others

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