Author Topic: DL650 2018 - Delkevic exhaust with a Pl3112 rack and panniers?  (Read 378 times)

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Dear All,

I now own a 2018 DL650 and I was thinking of installing a Delkevic exhaust, but my question is if I will have problems with the Givi Side Carrier Pl3112. I also have a Cosmo center stand and skid plate, but I think there is enough space for these. My big concern is the Pl3112 and the Givi Side Case E360N.

Have searched the forum and the internet for some pictures with a Delkevic and Pl3112 setup, but could not find any.
Does anybody have this setup? Can you share some photos?

Attached are 2 pics to see at what I am referring - I know that the part marked with red will not fit the Delkevic, but do I have enough space for the exhaust and not touching the Pl3112 or the Side Case?

On the choice for the exhaust, I was looking at the 350mm Oval Stainless or the 320mm Tri Stainless - opinions?

Thank you in advance,