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Using the Quote button
« on: April 18, 2019, 11:52:25 »
Folks, I am sure we have all been on sites where quoting the post (or numerous posts) above is commonplace, I'm sure you will agree that reading a whole page of text just to get to a one line answer at the bottom is untidy, difficult to read and generally spoils the look of the site. What it also does is affects the sites search engine ranking.

I freely admit, I often used to use the quote facility, but now I am older and wiser (at least older).

So, here is an example of how to use the quote button, bear in mind you should never, ever, need to quote the post directly above your reply.

This is what I am trying to avoid;

I believe he is talking about mine for 7000-7200, I'm not mobile enough to deal with the sale of my bike right now so I'm handing it over to my Suzuki dealer to sell on my behalf, I believe they will increase the price because they are likely to service and fit new tyres before its sold.

On the plus side the extras with mine will now include my Garmin 395 as I've decided to just sell up for the next 18 months and decide if my health will allow me to ride again before I lose my no claims bonus.

So instead of holding on to accessories I may never use again I'd rather just buy new ones further down the line.

Once my local Suzuki dealer has my bike up on their website I'll be sure to update my for sale post with a link and the dealers information.

My reply: - I agree.

If I needed to show that I was responding to that post, because perhaps it was on a previous page, I would delete most of the text between the  [/ quote] tags like this;

I believe he is talking about mine for 7000-7200

My reply: - I agree.

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