Author Topic: Behringer CS400 Compressor/Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal BNIB  (Read 399 times)

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Brand New In Box (only opened for photographs)
Dynamic Effects Pedal. With dedicated Level, Tone, Attack and Sustain controls

Smooth compression and endless sustain
As good as if not better than other leading products on the market
Compress loud and boost low signals with no degradation of the original sound
Dedicated level, tone, attack and sustain controls for beautiful and creative sound shaping
Blue status led for effect on/off and battery check

Feeder BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC not included

Manufacturer's blurb:
If tone is the name of your game, the COMPRESSOR/SUSTAINER CS400 will add amazing impact to your tone and provide endless sustain.
Dynamics play an important role in music.
They help to convey emotion, whether it's a sultry blues solo or the unrelenting gallop of unfettered metal.
But uncontrolled dynamics can take all your best intentions and turn them into so much, well? mush.
That's where compression comes in, softening loud sounds and boosting low signal levels to keep everything more uniform.
So, a compressor's main job is to make every note the same volume.

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Can't post the pictures at the moment so you can see it on eBay here (discount for forum members   :icon_wink: )