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Rev It! Poseidon Gortex Suit
« on: September 15, 2016, 22:29:41 »
On 05 March this year I purchased a Rev It! Poseidon Gortex Suit, costing close to £1,000, including a back and hip protectors (not included in the price of jacket/trousers).

Note: Prices have increased since I purchased the suit to £599.99 for the jacket and £439.99 for the trousers, excluding any back armour or hip armour.

Normally this is far more than I would spend on a suit however I commute daily by motorcycle and my previous waterproof suit finally gave up this year on a commute down the M1 to Sheffield, leaving me arriving at work pretty wet. My previous suit (a Hein Gericke Sheltec) cost around £350 in total and lasted 6 years, so I was looking for a replacement of equal or better quality.

During my search, I visited GetGeared in Leeds and the sales person eventually showed me the RevIt Poseidon suit and explained 'it's one of the best waterproof jackets you can buy' and 'definitely worth the extra money' over the other Gortex suits I'd been looking at. I was also told as it's laminated Gortex, the water will sit on top of the suit, rather than soaking into the fabric and so will remain light and be dry in a very short space of time. Result. And 0% finance, even better.  :thumb:

Having used the suit for March it was warm and dry (although I use a heated jacket during winter). It has good adjustment and good pockets, although I would have preferred the internal pocket on the jacket to be side opening rather than top opening for ease of accessing my mobile phone.

In April I didn't use the suit much due to being on leave, and from May onwards I moved to my vented summer jacket, only using the RevIt suit on occasion. I did notice however that on warm days the venting system (not suitable for anyone using a Pacemaker as has magnetic seals) isn't the best at cooling you down, but that's why I have vented summer gear. (Also my brother reckons the chest vents/flaps look like some kind of sex suit for showing boobs off)

Anyway, fast forward to the end of summer, Saturday 03 September, and I had to go to Screwfix in heavy rain. On went my RevIt suit, for the first time in two weeks, my TCX Infinity Gortex boots (£185) my Richa Gortex gloves (£80), and my Shoei Neotec helmet, and I jumped on the trusty Strom. Ten minutes later I'm in Screwfix, picking up a replacement heat alarm then back on the Strom. Five minutes later my jacket is leaking  :GRR: nothing else leaked...

Long story short, the RevIt jacket is now somewhere [Italy?] with RevIt for repair which may take 6 weeks (c. mid-October). I've now been without a waterproof jacket for two weeks, relying on my vented summer suit and as a result got soaked riding back from Liverpool on the M62 earlier in the week.

Obviously I'm very disappointed with the RevIt jacket as I don't believe it should leak with less than 6 months use.

On my experience I wouldn't recommend the RevIt Poseidon suit to anyone. I'd suggest you save yourself some money and buy a different suit/brand.

Rating: Could have had four/five stars, however due to the poor quality waterproofing I'm going to give it


I would post you some pictures of my jacket, but I don't have it, so here's some I found on the internet.