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Mivv on Veek
« on: May 31, 2016, 23:15:35 »
Got myself a Mivv Carbon Oval, eBay £250 delivered. Fitted complete with baffle, sounds nice, weight difference is massive, the only downside is that mounting bolts/spacers have no rubber so am getting vibrations through the buttocks, not unbearable but noticeable, will look at modifying mounting to put a rubber disc in somewhere. Baffle is riveted so drill will be charged ready to remove that soon, then weld a little nut on baffle so can use screw to hold in place.  :fix:. It's not a noisy pipe with baffle so intrigued to hear difference.
Performance - revs easier, seems less restricted but I've just had ecu replaced so only doing 300 miles this weekend still getting use to that side of things.
Bloody typical, Was sunny whilst fitting pipe got cleaned up and ready to go for a blast and the rain started  :dl_smiley_banghead:
Have been out and I like it, only problem now is that I like to get to the speed limit or thereabouts as quickly as possible so I think the Michelin Pilots may be wearing out sooner than I expected. VStrom = Vroom

Have video but if someone can instruct how to Post it I shall, for now here's some non moving pics.