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A1 Cans and Link Pipes
« on: December 26, 2014, 19:49:50 »
Don't see any information on these so, as I fitted them just over a year ago and 6000 miles later, thought I'd follow up.

In a nutshell Bloody Brilliant.

Good quality stainless steel, shiny bits and clamps  - I use my K2 daily all year round and they clean up as new.

Sound is great, without being so loud you frighten pedestrians. You do get a nice echo along narrow roads in built up areas.

Drivers know you are behind them, especially if they are not paying attention and you blip the throttle, - the reaction makes me LMFAO, everytime, its like they say, 'what the f... is that'. Girlie cage drivers hate them though.

Plus if your really want to draw attention to ones presence, just roll off aggressively and they does pop nicely.

On start-up and tickover they literally burbles like a Vee twin should, even Harley owners comment favourably and that says it.

The Old girl pulls better with through pipes and I can use the torgue fully in all gears.

Can't fault 'em and they look superb, but then I like the traditional look of twin pipes.

You have to order as A1 build as required and mostly specialise in race cans. Can't give you a price cause I got a show deal from a cancelled order, (that customer's loss is my gain) and I took 'em off the stall for £275 complete with new hangers, as my stock cans were completely rotten - the salt air kills po0r grade metal here. I still have them though.

The sound and quality and looks are serious class though.

Can't  miss IMHO.
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