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57 plate 1000 Exhaust clamps
« on: July 09, 2012, 18:01:08 »
Hello, I've bought some S/S clamps as mine are rotting fast. Crescents replaced one for me but I'd like to do the rest. Am I right in thinking that getting the exhaust apart could result in problems? The stainless heat shrouds fixed to the down pipes look like they may be difficult to get off and put back successfully to allow access to the joints. Has anyone had a go and wished they hadn't? Or is there a knack to it? TonyG Bournemouth  :rain:

I take it from the lack of replies this is an unusual request for help or information? :bawl:

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Re: 57 plate 1000 Exhaust clamps
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2013, 22:19:03 »
Your thread is ancient, but I sorted this job on my KLV today.

Both silencer to collector bands had corroded and split, plus the LH collector to front pipe clamp band.

You will have spotted that the OEM clamp bands are spot welded to the pipe, which is stupid.
When you break the clamp off, you are left with a stub of corroded steel on the pipe, which prevents the new clamp from sitting correctly on the joint.

The lower alloy trim finishers close to the joint are welded to the exhaust can, and cannot be removed.

I did find that an air grinder with a thin cutting disk has a small enough diameter to wangle inside the exhaust trim, and clean off the rusty stub of the old clamp.

A regular 4 1/2 cutting disk on electric grinder is too big, and a dremel would take forever.

The new 55mm Mikalor clamp then fits perfectly - you can buy these at WMD, or decent motor factor.

The left front joint leaves a stub on the lower inside of the collector, you need to get on your back and attack it from the RH side with the bike on sidestand.

Again, when done the 55mm clamp fits the front pipe to collector joint.

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