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Title: M&P Tyre Mess Up
Post by: Dark-Strom on July 31, 2020, 13:40:55
So...ordered some Avon Trailrider tyres and Metzeler Tourance tyres (£10 cheaper) turns up...
Best bit was having to send them a photo... lol
Offered £5 for their error (£15 total) - accepted it due to MOT being close - but overall not that impressed as the Trailrider has a larger more supported thread block.

Shopped there quite a bit over the years...will use the likes of Bike Busters and Ghost bikes etc. in future - buyer beware.  :GRR:
Title: Re: M&P Tyre Mess Up
Post by: mr_diver on July 31, 2020, 20:13:25
The trailrider may be a newer generation than the tourance, but I've ridden bikes with both.

Metzler used the rubber to produce the Tourance.
The Avons are made of oak!

The last good Avon was the storm 2 ultra. And that was discontinued about 3 years ago.

I like the tourance and will buy another pair.

M&P are generally on the ball with the orders.
Never had any issues and I nearly ended up working there. Sometimes I regret not taking the job.
Title: Re: M&P Tyre Mess Up
Post by: endintears on August 01, 2020, 11:38:56
With regard to Avon Trailriders my experience (on a Wee) is very different to yours, I personally have found them to be excellent.
Amazingly good for fast tarmac riding considering the faux offroad tread pattern.
So given our experiences are so different what were the actual incidents of lack of grip that makes you dislike the tyre.
 They are a dual compound tyre with  harder rubber in the centre of the rear so for instance was it maybe lack of traction on a more powerfull bike?
Title: Re: M&P Tyre Mess Up
Post by: Dark-Strom on August 03, 2020, 17:15:14
I liked the way the Avon had a larger block on the tyre but maybe I dodged a bullet then?
My 2006 Sprint 1050 had Avon Storms on and they were crap from cold, took 5 or 6 miles to warm up - the bike just felt strange.
Changed to BT023's and the bike was there from the off - go figure...
Unfortunately can't afford BT023's atm...