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Hello all! I'm a long time (10 years and counting) owner of a 2005 DL650 (my good old wee-strom), and a very new (2 days and counting) owner of a 2021 DL1050 (my blimey-charlie-it's-quick-strom).

Sadly my once-invincible Wee-strom is currently a non-runner due to an electrical fault that means the (working) fuel pump is getting power but not spinning, so she is currently in bits while I poke the loom with a multi-meter now and again in the hope that the fault will jump out at me. This has prompted my very recent, but long overdue purchase of a new bike to commute on; so far, I love everything about my 1050 (best looking adventure bike evs, no question). I've never owned anything bigger than a 650 before, so the mid-range muscle of a litre bike is a revelation.

I'm hoping to pick up some tips and tricks from you all, and maybe gain the confidence to tackle the basic service and maintenance tasks on the 1050 myself. Currently I'm a bit scared of touching anything so new and sensor-heavy with a spanner, but hopefully that will wear off a bit once I've taken the panels off to cover everything I can reach with ACF50. I've already rotated the handlebars up a few millimetres to make it more comfortable for my rather lanky frame, and fitted some swanky paddock stand bobbins, so I'm not a complete wuss.



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