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« on: December 25, 2016, 10:04:39 »
Published by DK .com  ( Penguin Random House)   
A coffee table book rather than a reference manual that costs £18.95

The strange tittle of "The Motor Bike Book" (not 'motorbike' or the more refined 'motorcycle') should itself stand as a warning, but it did not prepare me for what lay inside. 320 pages that purported to offer "The definitive visual history". That promise is almost but not quite a completely unfulfilled.
The words that accompany the pictorial history are not in any way a history as good as that on an old fashioned cigarette card. However this is a picture book and is not intended to be a great work of literary merit.   The Photographs that cover every page could have been the saving grace, but no. Page after page has the 'best example' spread across the centre pages. This distorts the images, hides the details and spoils the lines of what would otherwise be superb examples of motorcycles through the ages.

If I could invent a word to describe how the layout of the photographs has spoilt the end product it would be "Dustbinisation" I might even change the second S to a Z for our friends across the pond.

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