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V-Strom Forum Hello-Vis
« on: June 14, 2014, 17:42:55 »
After Mr Rat noticed I wore a Hello-Vis on the ST7 rides, he managed to talk me in to needing a better Hello-Vis with a nice V-Strom logo on it. Sure enough, after I had downed a beer or two, I found myself ordering one from his shop for £11.99 and rode back home (sober, the next day!) wearing my old one.

1. First Impressions/Unboxing Impressions
Delivered from Mr Rat enterprises in a tough polythene bag, so there was no doubt that it would go through the letter box OK and that I wouldn’t have to go “cap in hand” to a depressing Post Office Counter somewhere and provide my Mother’s maiden name, my address, Photo ID and/or have a CRB check done.

2. Initial Setup/Installation
A tricky prospect this. You have to undo a very robust zip, put your arms through some holes and zip it back up again. I am not the forum mechanical genius but I managed as it’s nice and simple.

3. Real World Testing (how did it perform)
It’s bright and it’s very well put together. The zip really is big enough that you can use it with your gloves on. I haven’t been out on the bike in the dark wearing it yet, but it’s dazzling enough in daylight for me to know it’s good. There are a number of external pockets on it for things like a side stand puck or some toll money coins.

4. Specs & Other noteworthy facts
Available in a bucket-load of sizes (see photo for the range available), I went for a 2XL. It fits me well over my summer jacket, but I might go for a 3XL with a winter jacket and fleece combo. It’s much better than my previous cheap velcro version and is made of a much stronger feel material. The sizes are very generous and one of the photos shows my new 2XL sitting on top of my old cheap 4XL.

5. Tester's Opinion (summary)
It’s difficult to understate or overstate a Hello-Vis, but it does what you would need it to and advertises the forum too. There is a good balance between the logo size and not putting so big a logo on that it stops being a Hello-Vis and becomes a billboard.

6. Star Rating
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7. Pictures

Front view (with tatty old 4XL size one underneath)

Rear view

The size range

My poor attempt at being a catalog model

The reflective head is normally under a helmet, so I do need the Hello-Vis.
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