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Vango Turini 200 Motorbike Touring Tent
« on: May 18, 2015, 22:24:39 »
Bought a Turini 200 around Xmas time. Earlier this month I got the first use of it.

1. First Impressions/Unboxing Impressions

It comes in a roll top bag that is claimed to be water proof though I haven't tested this.
I was surprised it fitted in my Givi V47 topbox. I also bought a footprint for this model to protect the groundsheet.
When I got to the camp I opened the bag, pulled out the poles and pegs an started to unfold the main section, I then unfolded more, then more tent... didn't realise how big the thing would be.  <!-- s:shock: -->:shock:<!-- s:shock: --> (I had seen it set up in Go Outdoors but it didn't look so big next to all the big family tents)
The material is exactly what you expect from Vango - Quality

2. Initial Setup/Installation

Pitching guide as with all Vango's I've used is on a flap on the inside of the bag. Clear and step by step. Even SWMBO could set this up if I didn't get ordered to "Erect the accommodation"
There is only 3 main poles starting at one end feed each pole through into the retaining hole the other end, feed more through and slot into the other retaining hole and repeat for the other two.
two pegs one end, pull it out the other and when you're happy it's straight two pegs the other end. Then peg down the other points and then peg out the bloke ropes (yes bloke ropes)
The inner can then be clipped in and the ground sheet and the foot print can also be clipped in.
You can leave the porch section ground sheet in the bag if you intend to park the bike in there, or like the feel of grass on your feet. I have the footprint also to protect the porch and sleeping section ground sheets.
The groundsheet clips are a bit of a PITA to clip into place, but there is a nack to it.
You can clip in a dividing panel to close off the porch from the sleeping compartment if you wish, but it is designed to be clipped back half way to allow you to get from one section to another.

I had the whole thing set up within 20 minutes the first time.

3. Real World Testing (how did it perform)

There are 4 doors. One either side of the porch to allow you to ride your bike in one side and out the other. One into a small porch type area where you can leave your boots ect then open the zip into the sleeping compartment. There is also a door on the other side of the sleeping compartment that doesn't have the little porch but goes straight to access the zip for another entrance into the sleeping compartment. very handy if there are two of you and you need a pee at different times during the night.
The sleeping compartment is slightly lower head height than the porch as you'd expect but I'm 6ft and only have to duck down a little to dress stood up.
Very spacious for one and roomy for two. Plenty of pockets to store you wallet, phone, watch ect.
Large mesh panels for good ventilation.
The porch area is quite large. You could get four adults sat on chairs in relative comfort in there, but you won't get much of your usual camping junk in there at the same time. But you can always leav everything you don't need in the boxes and put them back on the bike.  But this tent is designed for travelling on motorbikes/cycles and sleeps two, so two people seated plus camping junk will fit just fine.

The tent (as with all Vango tunnel tents) had the Tension band System to clip and tense out the sides of the tent when the wind blows strongly. I was camped on a fairly open field near the cliffs in 25-30mph winds and the tent was quite solid. I had no worries of the tent being ripped or damaged in the wind.

There are two small very clear plastic windows in the porch section that can be Velcro closed and tied back in the day time. The porch doors can both be opened fully and rolled up to the top middle of the tent out of the way. I'm going to use two old bloke ropes to half close one side in case it's raining and I need to cook with the petrol stove outside, but I haven't had time to try this set-up yet.

With such a large tent does come one major draw back. As I was on my own the tent did not warm up with my breath/body heat as well as my much smaller tents do. Even with two people this may still be an issue unless using 3-4 season sleeping bags when the weather is not very warm. Once in the sleeping bag I was fine, but getting out of the bag for a pee made me quite cold.

Light grey colour is dark enough in the day, but light enough to allow you to still see with the window flaps closed. It does however make you think it's later in the morning than it actually is when the sun comes up and you wake up.

4. Specs & Other noteworthy facts

Was called Stelvio, and the Turini I have has been renamed Tour 200. Basically the same tent but in a different colour. This is the frustrating thing Vango seem to be doing each year with much of it's range to increase sales of the latest model, where they have used the same model name for many years in the past.

Height (cm):   170.00
Length (cm):   455.00
Width (cm):   220.00
Flysheet Hydrostatic Head (mm):   5000
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm):   10000
Weight (kg):   6.60
Pack Size (cm):   55 x ΓΈ21cm
Pitching Order:   As One
Inner Height (cm):   160.00
Pole Style:   Vango PowerLite 7001-T6 alloy poles
Number of Poles:   3
Pitching Time:   15minutes

5. Tester's Opinion (summary)

I like it allot. Big and spacious, but small pack size. Quality materials and easy to pitch.
The porch is a usable living size for when you're away for more than one or two nights. We felt limited with the smaller tents we have when we were away for a week or so due to their low height and you couldn't both sit up if you needed to shelter from the rain/wind. This one I can nearly stand up straight in and there's just enough room to swing a decent sized cat.

6. Star Rating

 :star: :star: :star: :star: 4 star = better than expected with some nice extras/features

7. Pictures

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