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X-lite 1003 flip front helmet
« on: June 22, 2015, 20:05:05 »
As my Shoei Neotec found a new home (against my will!!)? I was searching for a new helmet. Locky and Juvecu gave me a lot o f positive feedback on X – Lite (Nolan group) helmets, I decided to give them a go. I really got used to flip front and it was a nice coincidence that X-lite just introduced their newly designed X-1003 flip front lid.
It was a mission impossible to find a merchant that stocks this model so I called Helmet City and told them that I would like to order two X-lite 1003 helmets in size L and XL and I might be keeping one or – if it doesn’t fit – I will send them both back. They were happy with it as long as I follow the return procedure. Juvecu also informed me that sizing on the Shoei and X-lite is the same and his Shoei and X lite lids are both the same size and fit very well. I can confirm it is the case. I large Shoei lids and L X-lite was perfect fit. I also received a voucher for £40 so X-lite 1003 in L stayed with me.
Below I am going to give you a brief review of the helmet and I will compare to the Shoei Neotec as it is the only other premium lid that I had for over 10k miles.
Prices – X lite 1003 - £329 ( I paid £290), Shoei Neotec around £400 ( I paid for mine £300)

Build quality
Build quality is superb on Neotec.  Nothing looks cheap or sticks out, nothing makes funny noises and fitting of all the parts is perfect. It is exactly the same with 1003. There is a nice quality feel to it with little touches here and there like 3 lines of stitching in the colours of Italian flag on the leather underneath the helmet. All the moving parts were also greased with silicone and moved beautifully. The only thing that looks a bit cheaper on Xlite is the vents. Thinner plastic and the “click” they make when you close them doesn’t sound as good as on the Neotec (very subjective? ). Lining and plastic elements, buttons and switches, visor  - all looks as high quality helmet should look like.
Summary I would say in build quality it is a DRAW.
There is pin lock that comes with the helmet and sun visor is operated by a lever on the left hand side of the lid. No problem to open and close it with gloved hand. The main visor is airtight once closed. There is a clever solution to keep it slightly open (about 1-2 mm) You just need to press the button on the left hand side of the visor. It works very well as it  doesn’t increase the noise but massively improves ventilation that is already good.  No misting at all. Tested  at 11 degrees during my first ride in it. It will have to be tested more in cold weather. Water also goes off the visor nicely at speed. The only thing  about the visor that I like more on Xlite is that you can easily close it with one hand. Than includes the flip front. With my Shoei very often I had to press the visor / flip front down on the other side of the helmet to make sure it clicks. So, after I closed the lid I had to change hands and check on the opposite side if its properly shut.
With Xlite it clicks in straight away with prominent feeling that the lid and visor are both closed.
Neotec has got better designed sun visor. Shoei spend a lot of time on it and you can see it. If you look for a gap where sun visor stays when unused it is bigger on 1003. On Shoei lid it is supper tight and you can see more padding to compensate for it.
Summary:  X-lite advantage

It has a micro lock mechanism which I really like. I know some people really like Double D (Juvecu ) but to me it is just easier, quicker and I can open/close it with gloves on.

It is miles better than my current helmets. It is perfect fit with standard padding. However you can choose from 3 different sizes. You can also remove everything and wash it easily.
 I will wear earplugs anyway but for short blasts to the shops I won't bother. Helmet feels tight and stuck to my head which I really like. It’s easy to put it on open but not so easy to put it on closed. It really snugs your head and gives you a nice comfy fit with no air gaps round you skull.
The biggest downside of this helmet in comparison to Neotec is the noise. I am used to Neotec with ear plugs in and this setup was very quiet. I ride with ear plugs all the time so it doesn’t bother me, however 1003 is noticeably noisier than Neotec, Neotec is also the quietest flip front on the market.
Summary: Neotec advantage

Flip up
The chin is easy to operate. Big button to open it,  so gloves aren’t a problem. Also it looks really solid. Thick and well padded.

Waterproof / Ventilation
Helmet is waterproof. It has been so far in a 20 min medium rain. Ventilation is superb. Better then Neotec. When you open all the vents you have quite a draft in the lid.

It has a big mouth air intake and two on top of the lid. When the top ones are open they “catch” the air to improve the flow. There is also an exhaust at the back of the helmet. With everything open you can feel the air working round your scalp and with current weather it was freezing cold so I need to wait till summer to test this properly.
Summary – X lite advantage.

I am really happy with this purchase and the helmet really impressed me. Only minor gripe is the noise. Like I said before I ride with plugs so no problem there. Went for a few rides round town without plugs and it was fine. It becomes noisy at motorway speeds. To summarise Neotec and X-lite are very similar helmets and it will be down to personal preference. I have to say if I was given both helmets now to choose it would be quite a difficult task.

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