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« on: July 09, 2024, 13:02:19 »
Well, I said id make a new post about buffeting as the other posts are a good few months old. I have had some experience with the Givi Airflow screens as I had one on my old 2012 wee and I must say it worked fine. But........
I bought my '21 650XT back in March this year. Givi Airflow screen already fitted. I'm getting a lot of buffeting. I changed the mirrors hoping that would help but no joy. I've tried the screen in every position possible. If I put it up full its a lot better but I hate looking through it. I'm not tall either at 5'8. I'm thinking ill have to try a different screen.
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Re: Buffeting
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2024, 15:53:48 »
I've heard a couple of owners have found that the Givi Airflow didn't work for them, but is only a couple, you could be another?
At a couple of inches taller than you I found that the Airflow worked best on my gen 2 at pretty much the lowest setting of both screens. The lower one on the bottom setting & the top one maybe an inch or so up from the lowest. The Airflow works best when the screens overlap the most.
Have you tried mirror extenders? They did help a little bit along with the 'diamond' shaped mirrors.
The other thing you could try, before spending too much money is to fit nylon spacers between the screen & fairing. 15mm or 20mm should be enough. If you try them push the bottom out more than the top to slope the screen a bit. Try 15mm on the bottom only then if necessary try the 20mm on the bottom & 15mm on the top.
You can get them fairly cheap from E-Bay but you will need longer screws too.
M5 is the size I think?

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Re: Buffeting
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2024, 17:08:12 »
This is my set up and it works very well. I'm 6'4" but sit two inches higher due to seat alterations. I can't remember the name of the screen, it was on when I bought the bike but I've fitted the Puig flipper. I think a flipper would give you more adjustments but obviously not on your present Givi.
If you want to know the name of the screen please ask and I'll get it, I've seen them on ebay from Poland.
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Re: Buffeting
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2024, 17:10:41 »
You are not alone in not getting on with the airflow on a gen 3. I found it very noisy. 6 foot 4 .
I went with a Madstad bracket and then went through my pile of old screens till I found one that worked.That is the advantage of the Madstad, 5 mins with a 6mm drill bit and pretty much anything will fit, then the angle and height can be tailored to suit.
Even then I  had to fit some Nylon bushes ,as per Micks post, to get that last bit right.