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Rides & Reports / Re: France 2024.
« Last post by Flanners on Today at 12:05:18 »
Just back from 5 days and circa 900miles Somme/Beauvais/Alencon/Honfleur areas....I go to France touring on the bike at least twice a year....everything for me is better in France than the UK especially on a motorbike; bar the cost of petrol. I Tour purely to ride the bike in beautiful unspoilt surroundings, on nigh on perfect deserted roads; usually stick to D routes with circular routes from the Hotel in a given area etc; have done a few trips purely on D, non classified and basic farm tracks/shingle bridleways. On the latest trip I used the Ride Magazine's Suisse Normandie 200mile route.....absolutely fantastic! Used to only camp, then camped and Hotel....more recently just cheap B&B and Hotels can't be arsed pissing about after 200miles odd setting up camp especially so if bad weather like a decent bed and en-suite......I haven't stuck to the at times ridiculous 50mph speed restrictions outside of villages/Towns and 'touch wood' have had no issues.....Gendarme I have met don't seem too concerned either.

Done the usual players over the year's prefer the quieter 'biker' areas, in August I intend to travel through the Ardennes, Morvan and Jura; can't wait.
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: The moaning old git thread
« Last post by Upt North on Today at 10:06:16 »
NeilM, folks aren't considering moving back to ICE cars, they are returning to ICE in droves. Manufacturers have concentrated on high end EV's which are about as much use as a choccy tea pot when it comes to driving them to somewhere more distant than your local McD's.
Still yes, I'm sure the new government will have new free charging stations on every street corner by a week on Monday.
Some manufacturers have finally decided to build commuter EV's at a reasonable cost to the consumer, and good on em, as for £50k EV's with 0 to 60 times of three seconds and a 200 mile range who does that really cater for?
I would say folks with more money than sense with a few exceptions.
Although these folks too will have a depreciation shock when they trade em in.
Check out Autotrader for EV prices, they're dropping quicker than a tarts knickers.
Introductions / Re: New bike today v strom 1000 19 plate
« Last post by UK_Vstrom650 on Today at 08:18:43 »
V-Strom specific discussion / Re: Clutch lever, excessive vertical play
« Last post by Gert on Today at 08:00:36 »
Cheers for your write-up and your posted pix.
While the grip / knuckle / hand guard anchoring point may differ for various reasons, depending on the type / brand of grip guard installed or absence of a grip guard, the clutch lever shimming process would mirror the steps in your guide.
Your post is a good reference / guide for anyone wanting a solution for their clutch lever slop.  :thumb:
Introductions / Re: New bike today v strom 1000 19 plate
« Last post by Jim13_Wee_Strom on Today at 07:47:00 »
Traitors Corner / Re: Finally pulled the Pin
« Last post by 2112 on Today at 07:19:31 »
It's not so much the horsepower, just make sure the traction control & anti-wheelie are both on the max...
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: The moaning old git thread
« Last post by 2112 on Today at 07:16:40 »
Yes, I've watched the Teapot one video. It's a sorry state and no mistake, no doubt it will be a top priority for our new leaders to address...
The Blue Oyster bar / Re: The moaning old git thread
« Last post by NeilM on Today at 07:14:28 »
2112: There is a youtube channel called Marc Travels. He's a German bloke riding around the world on an electric bike.

He did a lap of the UK, as did Teapot One, around two years ago and found exactly the same issues and Wales was worse than Scotland.

The business model all these EV companies have adopted is all wrong. They have focussed on fleet use instead of point of sale.

It's unsurprising to hear of people considering a return to ICE vehicles.
Introductions / Re: New bike today v strom 1000 19 plate
« Last post by NeilM on Today at 06:52:24 »
Yep, great road and good to know potholes sorted! :)
Good stop at the "Greenfrog Campsite Cafe" on the way out of Moffat too.
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