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Fat Rat:
There have been reports on another forum of unscrupulous sellers not sending goods once payment has been sent.  If you choose to buy any item (particularly from a new member) then just be aware, also I would suggest not sending Paypal payments as a gift. If you use this method then you are unable to claim it back via Paypal in the event of being ripped off.

Good Advice

Buy the seller as well as the Item

why is the world full of dirty thieving B**tards ###  ###  ###

Another one I saw today (on the Guzzi forum) was about Gumtree ads offering bikes for sale at very good prices. Someone noticed that a Le Mans on Gumtree (Glasgow) for £1200 had just been sold on ebay for £1900. Puzzled, he contacted the vendor who said he was in the States and would ship the bike by US military transport! Hard to believe, but there are some folks out there chancing their arm.

ps. The Gumtree ad was copied direct from the original ebay listing

And don't pay by direct Bank Transfer unless you have their address and phone number and have verified these.  I am into HiFi and this is rife in the audio world!


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