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DL250 won't start


Hello all, lovely day today so decided to go for a spin on my 2019 DL250. Got all my gear on and guess what, the bike wouldn't start.
When turning on, all looks OK on the screen display ( CHECK is not showing ) but when the starter button is pressed it just produces a click and I can hear the fuel pump running for a few seconds. The starter will not turn the motor over.
I thought that the battery was not charged enough so jump started it with my car battery, no luck, just the same.
The bike has only done 780 miles, not had the first service yet !
Any ideas please ?

*comments retracted* - miss understood your post

   Don’t touch anything and call the dealer you bought the bike from.

Quote "The bike has only done 780 miles, not had the first service yet !"

There's your problem.   :icon_wink:

Problem sorted. I noticed that the engine management light flashed 3 times then stayed off. Manual says that this is an indication of low battery voltage. Battery voltage was OK, I removed one of the side panels and lifted the rubber cover on the starter motor solonoid. Some corrosion in there for some reason. After cleaning and greasing the terminals on the solonoid the bike started. Anyone with a DL250 should do this, the terminals are BONE DRY from the factory, no sign of lubrication and will corrode in time.
Thanks for the help.


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