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Hello folks,

Ashamed to report that I had to put my DL650 2006 into storage at short notice 2 years ago and I am just about to see her again for the first time.

Before start up checks I have in my head are:
1) Wash
2) New battery
3) Remove Fuel and replace
4) Remove spark plugs, add a few drips of oil onto chambers and fit new plugs
5) Oil and Filter change

Anyone got some positive advice to add to my current list, would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Mr Nick:
Worth checking the brake calipers still slide & pistons aren't seized, and check the brake fluid while you're there.

With a fresh battery and fuel, I bet it'll start straight up.

Before hand, pull the plug caps and turn it over using the starter motor for about 10 seconds, this'll pump the oil around the engine, when it starts, warm the old oil up then drain it.

New oil and filter, check everything is working and not ceized up, especially the brakes, tyre pressures and then a wash ...

Good luck 🤞

Thanks blokes


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