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Vstrom - Headlight Removal

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Hello All,

Has anyone ever had the pleasure of removing headlights from the Vstrom? I bought the LED headlight upgrade mentioned HERE and am very eager to get it installed but lack a bit of know how.

Was wondering if anyone had any pointers before I  make an attempt at this, I don't have a great deal of experience tinkering with bikes   :fix:

It's really easy, to be honest - easier than in first-gen Vstroms. Just slowly remove bolts, put them in order, and make sure that you will not break the connectors attached under the left fairing (I was surprised to see them there). I was really pleased recently when I was removing fairings for deep cleaning :)

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you make it sound easy, hopefully it is  :dl_hyperhysteria:

I can see in your other post that it was probably easy? :D


--- Quote from: RommelPL on August 06, 2021, 10:22:41 ---I can see in your other post that it was probably easy? :D

--- End quote ---

Haha indeed! Only 6 big screws rest is being careful not to break any plastics. Thank you!


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