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DL650 2017 fault codes


I've searched "Fault Codes" on this site but I'm still a little confused (a pretty normal state of affairs it must be said)
F1 has come up and I know you can access the correct fault code by using a paperclip to short out the connector under the rear part of the seat, but which connections do you use? (data I've found doesn't go as new as 2017)
Also could use an up to date list of fault codes once I've reached past the plug problem - again all I've found may be out of date of for other models.
Help appreciated.

Go to you tube and look for

"How To Put Your Motorcycle Into Dealer, Diagnostic Mode | Vstrom"

by someone called DR. Vstrom. It shows the connectors at least. Some of the codes are at 1.47 onwards. Or Click "watch on you tube at the bottom of the window.

Barbel Mick:
Not sure if this is better than you've already found but....

Thanks blokes. Came up as a "no fault" code, so not sure why it triggered the F1 code in the first place. At least if it happens again I know how to access the correct code. Must remember to carry a paper clip to use as a jumper.


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