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I have a 2020 base model 1050. Covered 5600 miles now.
Very effective workhorse, more torque and BHP than the 650 so motorway cruising feels more relaxed - sitting at 80 to 90mph it feels great, on my 650 at those speeds it didn’t feel as relaxed and long legged as the 1050.
Saying that, I think the 650 is possibly a better overall package - the 650 engine is a gem and it feels nicer to use than the big 1050 in terms of character, smoothness and willingness to rev. That’s just my opinion.
VFM - all the Vstroms are great. I paid 10k for mine and that came with the free city pack (centre stand and 55 litre top box). I was very happy with that though if you shop around you can find some real bargains, pre reg bikes and nearly new for around the 8k mark.

 I have owned all the 650 v strom range from gen 1 through to latest model and never thought of swapping . I had a ride on the 1000 v strom but I was still happy with the 650 ..UNTIL...I took out the 1050 and for me the 1050 felt completely different to the old 1000 . The seat was lower , the engine smoother then when Suzuki knocked £750 off the std model ( I wasn't bothered about all the extras on the XT ) and thought they were a bargain , so I bought one in white & have no regrets . The STD model makes a fantastic tourer with that extra power that the 650 hasn't got makes it a more exciting ride. Yes the 650 is a great bike I would never pull one down but for me the the 1050 is just like the 650 but better . I took it for a week touring around Wales a few wks ago with my mate on his 650 and I found the seat to be very comfortable as a lot of folk complain about it . We did motorway mls & back roads & the 1050 returned just over 60mpg & the 650 75mpg . And I have never noticed the difference in weight . If you have the 650 & feeling tempted  I would really recommend a test ride before Suzuki take that £750 off .

I have just changed to the new 1050xt and love it. This is my third 1000 having owned a 2005, 2016 and this one. this is definately a big step forward compared to the 2016 bike. There is power available everywhere and the delivery is superb. I have just short of 2000 miles on the bike and look forward to using it every chance I get. I had the loan of a new 650 base model yesterday while my bike had auxiliary lights fitted and wouldn't consider the 650 compared to the 1050, I found it under powered and vibey. I realise that this is only my opinion but would recommend the 1050xt I Love it.
Cheers Ken 

I have read that the 1050 came out with linked brakes, meaning that that the front brakes lever also operates the rear brakes. Is this a good or bad thing for those off-road riders?
Another thing that I recall reading about, was that a special bracket has to be installed on the 1050 base model to allow for a sump guard / skid plate installation bolt, in the area of the gearshift.

Mr Nick:
That would be a new thing for Suzuki so should be something they'd make a big deal out of, but the closest I can see is that the ABS is linked, which some reviewers may be interpreting as the brakes themselves are linked like Honda & Moto Guzzi.


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