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new DL1050

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Recently bought a new 1050 base model ( pre reg zero mile 21 plate )

It was between a 650 &L 1050 loved both

However for me the DL1050 was more enjoyable to ride , better power , better suspension and brakes and hides its weight very well

Have ridden all generations of DL650's and DL1000's and the 1050 felt the best I've ridden

DL1050 does not feel much physically bigger than the DL650 and feels a lot more agile than the previous models of the DL1000 I've ridden

Used for daily 50 mile commute , returning approx 60 mpg as well

Really pleased so far , recommend test riding one

Cheers Steve

My usual type of bike would high powered and naked and that was what I went out intending to buy this summer. Tried the MT10, S1000R, Tuono 1100, great bikes all but couldn’t find anything that really met all my needs. Eventually I ended up at the Suzuki dealers for a test ride on the new GSXS 1000, which was OK but didn’t quite hit the spot either. Had a chat with the dealer and he suggested trying the DL and to be honest I wasn’t all that keen as it didn’t seem like my kind of bike but I thought what the hell I’m here anyway so gave it a go. First impressions were it’s tall but I can still reach the ground, all the controls were smooth, light and in easy reach. After the first hundred yards I was thinking this is really nice, standard suspension soaked up the bumps well, it felt comfy and just easy to get on with. The more I rode the bike over the next couple of hours the more I liked it, nimble and light to chuck about on tight twisty bumpy back roads, great brakes as well. I enjoyed the test ride so much I didn’t want to hand the bike back so bought one there and then. I’ve had it six weeks now and done 1500 miles and still thinks it’s a fantastic bike that’s hugely underrated and an absolute bargain for what you get. My only dislikes are the clunky gear change between first and second and it’s a little quiet for my tastes (easily fixed). Now that the bike is run in it’s surprisingly sporty if you want to ride it that way, very stable at three figure speeds while being a very civilised while cruising/ touring. If your in the market for this type of bike I’d go and get a test ride as I don’t think you will be disappointed.

old git:
I was the same when I had a test on a DL1000. Bought one as soon as I came off the test bike. Never ridden the latest incarnation but I'm sure it'll be good.


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