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new DL1050

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I want to bye the new 1050 . how is it ? now I have the 650 .

 :welcome2:  Please tell us more, as in which year model 650 do you currently have and which of the three models 1050 are you thinking of buying? What type of riding do you plan to do with the 1050, as in town commuting or open road use?

Dave hendy:
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There does seem to be very limited information on here on the 1050/XT. I am interested as a future purchase so hopefully this will improve? I have seen a few around so guess there must be some members with them as I can’t find another site for them?

I'm 800 miles into my new 1050 base model and can't fault it !!!

I thnk my previous post provides a decent intro: https://www.v-strom.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=39983.msg410461#msg410461


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