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I'm sure it's been said before and said better but for those who don't know this story. 
And this is all true.
Wednesday afternoon a message on my phone to say a delivery company ( no names - no writs) could not deliver to me today and I should log onto their web address shown in the text to arrange a delivery.
As I am waiting for a parcel I logged onto the site.
A message on the site showed it was shut down ( in reality it is a sticky web to detect a sucker and leads to the next stage)
Thursday morning a message that I have a parcel that is subject to import fees of £2.49 and I should "log on to their website , shown in the text, to make the payment".
 I didn't do that.
And if you get these messages then you shouldn't do it either because..... Had I logged onto the payment section of their website and then entered my bank details, they would have emptied my bank account.

It's a good idea to just open your browser and go to the delivery company's web site directly, either via a search engine or by typing in the URL directly if you know it, rather than click any links in a message/email. There should be an option there somewhere to track a delivery etc.

Barbel Mick:
Too many scams around now!!
Simon is correct, I never click on links now but go direct to the site in question.

Basically, any link in an unsolicited text message is almost certainly a scam.
Forward it to your mobile phone suppliers scam/fraud line if you can, but usually they can only bolt the stable door too late.

Got a letter through the post recently from a firm of Soliciters in Northallerton, it reckoned they could get us a refund on overpayment on council tax for a property we lived in between 2000 and 2004. They said they could get us £680 after their 35 % commission.
Looks like a scam, I thought.
They said no win no fee, no up front costs, no personal info required, just fill in the authorisation.
So my wife phones Kirklees council directly, and they confirmed that indeed our old house had a reduction in council tax banding in 2006, an that it was retrospective to 2000 !
one month later £934 in the bank
Sorry Northallerton soliciters, no fee to you!


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