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So, being of a certain age the Mrs suggested we try out a cruise. As luck would have it we found a three day 'taster cruise' starting & finishing in Newcastle so booked it up. In the meantime wee Jimmy decides cruise ships are not allowed to dock in Scotland so instead of stopping off at Edinburgh and Invergordon we just went for an all inclusive float around the North sea. Thankfully it was only three nights as cruising is not for us ! Loud music all day, cramped rooms (we had quite a high spec cabin with balcony so gawd knows what the basic internal ones were like) and poor food & drink. They even had an attempt to see me off via fish poisoning (very allergic to all seafood) with the addition of a prawn on a meat dish (beef schnitzel) for heavens sake, despite telling the waiter of my allergy. I tripped getting out of the very compact bathroom on day one trashing my knee and then on day two the metal shower gel dispenser fell off the wall badly bruising my foot. The cheeky buggers then wanted £180 to see the ships doctor ! I told them there wa no way I was paying £180 when it was their fault, so an ice pack appeared and I was sent (grumbling and limping) on my way. All in all pretty shite and I am sooo pleased to be home. Even camping sounds almost attractive after cruising, almost.

Butlins on water ...

I tried a cruise once and hated it, was convinced to try again and I hated it..  I know folk who love it but not me!!   14 days in total and it is just a part of my life I wasted... I'd rather stay in a shed !!!!

Rusty Nuts:
A bit like Tim Vine's " I've just come back from a once-in-a-lifetime holiday....Never again! "
Some of the European river cruises look interesting, but having to join in dressing up posh to pretend you've got money doesn't appeal. No jeans, no trainers or sandals at certain times... nah.

Barbel Mick:
Shouldn't that post be the next one in here???  :whistle:

The good lady and me have quite a few friends who have been on cruises and try to make them sound like the perfect holiday..... we have declined the offer to join them on may occasions!!
A few hours on a canal barge 'booze cruise' is sufficient for us!!  :obscene-drinkingchug:


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