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Fitting Yamaha topbox to Suzuki 1050 XT rack


Hello blokes, new to the forum and just wondering a few things.

I am picking up my new Suzuki 1050 XT after swapping from a Tracer 900 GT.

I have the Yamaha official 50l city top box but was wondering if I could try some DIY to get this working on my new Suzuki.

Found this Mount "Yamaha Universal Mounting Plate Top Cases City" think that this could be attached to the existing Suzuki rack or would I need something to act like an adaptor?

Found a youtube video where someone done this for a givi "Suzuki V Strom 1000 Fitting a Givi adaptor" but don't really know what part would be needed or what the names of the best equipment would be for this.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Givi adapters are meant for givi plates. They are unlikely to work for Yamaha boxes.

Manufacturers will try and make their products like boxes not interchangeable with someone else's.
This stops exactly what your are trying to do.

I've seen many a box fitted with a bodge and they either look $hit or tend to fall off.

I fitted some givi panniers to Suzuki rails on my K6.
All that meant was drilling a few holes and fitting the givi mounts, but the rails were originally designed for Givi until Suzuki changed the mounting points to fit their own (shit) boxes.

That brings up another issue. Oem boxes are usually crap. The yamaha ones I've seen don't seem to buck this trend.

I'd buy a Givi plate and box and be done with it.

Sorry to be blunt, but working in a dealers when everyone wants you to work out a bodge and is disgruntled when you tell them no it won't work make me want to start with the word "Don't".

If you end up with Suzuki , their aluminium top box is not crap. Its made by sw motec and is identical to SW boxes. The fitting are same and can be found cheaper without being stamped "Suzuki".

@mr_Diver The yamaha topbox done me very well for two years of commuting and touring over 20k miles so I think its unfair to say its crap, ill just give the yamaha mount a buy and try diy it myself. thanks for the reply.
@hill100 sadly this is still close to a grand for the full set, I'm trying to reduce the amount of waste I create so reusing my current topbox would be best for me. Thanks for the reply ill keep in mind if I can't get anything working


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