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Accessories I had to get for my 650 V-Strom

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Not sure where or if it's proper to post this much at once but here goes:

Fitted a few accessories to my 650 since I introduced myself back in May...

TUTORO Automatic Chain Oiler
Easy to fit and working perfectly with no need to connect to power or vacuum pipes. So far it's been great.

EVOTECH Radiator Guard
Really light and easy to fit, looks good I think (it doesn't shout out... look at me!). I like how it connects at the bottom to the bracket in the middle, not the cylinder head fixing.

PYRAMID Extenda mudguard
Bit more work on this as I decided to remove the wheel to get access. Used the supplied "stick fit" pads. They really stick and it's very important to get it aligned properly first time. Saying nothing more on that point!
In addition I used some external black silicone to finish it off, also very slightly trimmed the two points where the upper of the extenda mudguard meets the edges of the existing mudguard to make it perfectly smooth. All good and has stayed on for hundreds of miles now.

All good and easy to fit.
I took a lot of time looking at what was on the market and thought this one best fits my needs. I just think it looks better and protects that area well enough for where I will be taking my bike. Looks like oil and filter changes can be done without removing it. Also I like the design of how the mounting points are kept away from the engine and it's casings.
Communication was great with Alan from Ravetech and although DHL shipping is not cheap it was amazing. Ordered on the Friday and fitted on the bike on the Wednesday.

Maybe look at a neat and small top box set up next but no hurry...

Looking good  :thumb:

Did you have to pay import duty/tax on the skid plate?


DHL just delivered it and asked for nothing so no duty/tax so far. It depends on value for the duty I think but not sure how VAT is applied.
Message Alan at Ravetech before ordering would be my advice to anyone wanting a ravetech accessory, he may not have control but sure he has the experience to assist on any questions.

Rusty Nuts:
It's pot luck. UK Customs cannot possibly examine even a tiny proportion of the tsunami of imported packages. They haven't the staff, time or money.

My priority list was:

Centre stand
MRA touring screen
Oxford heated grips
Givi Monokey rack

Fortunately a previous owner had the good sense to fit the first three items!


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