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DL650A L2 - tips on mounting aftermarket LED headlights

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On the subject of DRLs, I seem to recall, though I can't find the article now, that additional lights below and either side of the main light were first introduced on the American railroads to try to reduce accidents. Trains had only a single "headlight", making it difficult to determine how far away they were at night, and how fast they were travelling. The introduction of two additional lights below and either side of the main light to create a triangle made it easier to judge speed and distance, as the space between each light appears to change as the train draws nearer.

Barbel Mick:
What about something like these? I have them in mine, certainly give a whiter light but I'm not sure about the 'claimed' further light throw.
Supposed to be designed for motorcycles with resistance to vibration.

Mr. Postman, bring me a dream
Make it the brightest that I've ever seen

And also please some patience because I suck at electrical wiring.

Lastly, these only cost 15€. Thanks China.

I've had a set of those on for 5 years. Still going strong. They go through the high/ low/flash sequence when powered up so make sure they are both connected when you put the power on, otherwise they will be out of synch. I removed the chip which makes them flash so mine are on full power permanently.


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