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DL650A L2 - tips on mounting aftermarket LED headlights

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Hello Stromers,

I bought these aftermarket LED "bulbs" to replace the other OEM ones because those are very dim.

Has anyone experience mounting LEDs like this? Are there any tricky hurdles I need to be aware of before I start taking the front apart? I'd like to avoid spending 5 hours on a task that could've be completed in 2 with proper preparation.

One thing that comes to my mind is possibly needing some sort of adapter for the connectors (as seen in the first pic).

Those LED bulbs are basically "plug and play" .

No need to cut any wires, the loom plugs for your original bulbs will plug straight into your LED connection.

You may also need to  modify the rubber boots that cover your original bulbs to accommodate the cooling fans on the LED bulbs . 

Not sure what the rules are in Austria but in the UK LED bulbs can be a problem regarding our MOT rules. 

The bulbs are easily connected and I think the LEDs are quite a bit brighter indeed, I'll have to compare them when it's dark though.

I encountered two problems though, firstly as kwacklad already pointed out the socket rubber cap is way too small to cover the comparatively humongous appendix that is the cooling fan.
Secondly, there is a bulb holder spring which is also designed to wrap around the small OEM lights and won't fit the LEDs.
Another possible problem is the MOT (ยง57a inspection in Austria). There are be places which "overlook" these theoretically illegal light bulbs since why would you want to punish people for striving to be safer on the road by installing brighter lights.... but even those places might not give it a pass if it's not a clean solution (talking about cutting up the rubber cap and also the much extended cable length).

Depending on the actual brightness difference which I'll find out in the evening I might send the LEDs back and go for auxiliary lights instead which won't be all that much more expensive.

I think the bigger concern with LEDs as headlights is that an LED emits light very differently from an incandescant bulb and so the reflector isn't correct for the LED pattern and can be blinding for oncoming drivers. I'm all for making myself more visible but I'd rather avoid making certain drivers any blinder than they already seem to be (even in daylight) ;)
I have gone for aux lights as they don't complicate MOT, can be turned off, can be aimed lower which prevents blinding and genuinely help in foggy or reduced visibility conditions, they also give you a different look with 4 lights and I hope/pray that makes other road users look twice to figure out what they are looking at.
 * Would highly recommend wiring through a switched relay though if you don't have one already.

Rusty Nuts:
I agree. Easier, safer, more legal, better light spread. Plus I always thought the glee headlamps were pretty good.


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