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Stock adventure pannier locks


Hello Folks. I've got a 2016 XT with the stock adventure panniers fitted. I got home from a weekend riding and camping in Snowdonia last week to discover that one of the locks on had fallen apart.  A bit od research on the web suggested that the SW Mochech Trax Lock panniers look identical. An enquiery was promptly responded, recommending  https://sw-motech.co.uk/products/trax-lock-set-6-locks-2-keys-simultaneous-locking?_pos=2&_sid=2ed0200fa&_ss=r replacement lock set.
I ordered and have fitted the new locks this morning in a matter of minutes, and they're a perfect fit. Far better quality than the stock locks with rubber dust covers as well.

Suzuki panniers are made by SW Motech :) Although, Suzuki 2018 top box (and maybe others) will not fit a normal SW Motech plate apparently.

Steady Freddy:
For some reason I have a full set of spare pannier locks under the seat on my 19 plate that has the ally boxes fitted?????


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