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DL1000 tank protector stickers

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Hello blokes,

Just got confirmation from Fowlers that both of my orders for Suzuki tank protectors have been cancelled - parts 990D031J02PAD and 990D031J03PAD (clear and black).

As I do not want to go back to the Bagster tank cover, are there any other options to protect the tank and that microscopic layer of paint on it from scratches?

Cheers :)

Mr Nick:
You could just try generic paint protection film & cut it to the shape you need.

Hello, there are a number of options available as gel pads on either Ebay or Amazon. I have ones from Resin Biker on my 1050xt and I'm happy with the quality and fit.
Worth having a look.
Cheers Ken

Hello blokes,

Yes, I thought about generic foil, just not sure what may go tits up when I will start doing it :D

And I meant a protector for the sides of a tank - I have a sticker on the top.


I reallylike how forum confuses me, and changes words, e.g. gu.ys to blokes like here  :grin:

Oop North John:
IIRC there's an Americanism filter, so trunk may become boot  :)

Is this what you're after: https://www.chipguard.co.uk/shop/motorcycle-protection/Suzuki/Suzuki-vstrom-1000-2015-diy-tank-kit/ if not Venture Shield is a name I remember.


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