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650 lowering kit


Can anyone help my mate out . He want to put a centre stand on his 2017 650 v strom ..but...has a 40mm lowering kit on it , he thinks if he changes the 40mm to 20mm lowering kit the centre stand will fit OK ...is this the case ???

The stand should fit OK, but any lowering kit will make it much harder to actually get the bike up on its centre stand. Mine has been lowered by 15-20mm at the back and similar dropping the front fork tubes. I could just get it up on the stand with my full weight on the centre stand, but now I'm down to about 10st 5lb, I cannt do it unless I run the front wheel onto a piece of wood. Which is easy enough in the garage but not convenient otherwise.

Cheers DaveF , I will pass it on to him  :thumb:


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