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Zip off trouser?

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Is there such a thing as zip off textile trousers similar to the kind hill walkers use?
In these days of warmer weather  and full armoured clothing it would be nice to strip off a bit!


Do you mean ones that unzip at the knee? I'm not aware of any for motorbikes. However you can get mesh jackets/trousers to let more air in.

I have a pair of adventure trousers I bought somewhere in Canada - need to check make when I get home from work. They have mesh air vent panels on shin and thigh, plus zip off above the knee, otherwise armoured on knees and hips. I was always a little worried about the strength of the small zips used to keep the legs attached in the vent of a spill. I've managed to completely destroy a pair of leather riding trousers including ripping the fly zip apart at the stitching in the past.
I seem to recall the shop also had a similar pair on offer which had a membrane waterproof lining, so there's more than one manufacturer out there.

You might want to google how long it takes asphalt to get through skin to bone at, say, 30mph.  :shock: Obviously your choice of course, but would there be any point in only protecting the top half of your lower half, and if not then just opt for normal shorts?

Mr Nick:
Does seem to defeat the purpose of wearing them at all: maybe turn kevlar jeans into Daisy Dukes & pair with a waistcoat to go the whole hog?


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