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Air Flow Seat Cover

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Peter Dalton:
Hello blokes, I ride a 2018 DL1000 and I would like to know if anybody has tried the Air Flow seat cover. For those who have no idea what I am talking about www.airflowseatcovers.com . I personally think this is a great idea for those long day rides under extreme temperatures. Apparently it works great on rainy days too by draining any moisture away from the seat and keeping you dry. I would just like to know how durable it is and if it really works.

I have one very similar and I'm pleased with it. Not sticky on hot days, unlike vinyl (and not hot to sit on), better comfort and, yes, rain drains away avoiding wet bum. Mine's branded Hai Yent (I bought it from someone on this site), but shop around - there are various different suppliers such as cold Covers.

Yes , I have a mesh seat cover, I've adapted it to fit 3 different bikes over the years.
They are great for long journeys and in the summer keep your backside c.o.o.l and comfortable.

Purchased it from eBay at a fraction of the cost , they are basically the same.     

Barbel Mick:
We use similar in the summer (sheepskin in winter) and find it works pretty well. However I wouldn't pay that sort of money for one!!
Here's an example of the price we paid a year or two back & it's of decent quality.
Search for 3D motorcycle seat cover.


Check the correct measurements for your seat, this one is advertised as only one size some sellers do S,M L & XL with measurements. Get one too big if necessary as it will tuck under the seat for a good fit.

I purchased one off Ebay, think I paid about £20.
Fits perfect and nice airflow and very comfortable!


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