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Front Sprocket Removal

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Dear wise sages....
I need to replace the chain and sprockets on my Glee... Having taken a look at the massive 32mm nut (is that the right size???? I need to order it) I'm not too sure my current 14inch breaker bar is up to the job...
I assume I will need something a lot more substantial like this below?
Many thanks,
PS > Chain snapped at the weekend... Lesson learned > Breakdown cover is well worth it, its £150 for a recovery if you have no policy  :shock:

You will have to fit the new chain so as you can undo the front sprocket nut.


--- Quote from: ziggy on June 07, 2021, 19:31:05 ---You will have to fit the new chain so as you can undo the front sprocket nut.

--- End quote ---
I picked up the snapped chain and have it wrapped around the chain and sprockets... but at the moment I can't even get the speed sensor rotor bolt off  :angry-banghead: with a standard allen key.... so an allen key socket set is on my list of things to buy....
Wishing I had towed the bike directly to the local garage now! lol...

I use a cheapo impact driver from Lidl, was only 30 quid and works a treat. I used a big breaker bar years ago on a MZ 150 sprocket nut, one crack and it was off but so was the end of the gearbox shalf!

I really don't know if its the same as mine, but I managed to get the front sprocket off without removing the speed sensor bracketry. Mine is a 2017 650.

I removed the front sprocket cover, wrapped a broom in a towel and put this through the back wheel resting on the swingarm. I got the Mrs to stand on the back brake and cracked the nut off and split the chain after this. I had just enough room to wiggle the sprocket off the output shaft. Did the rear sprocket, and then refitted the old chain loose to tighten the front sprocket nut up (so I didn't stretch the new chain). then fed the new chain around the new sprockets.

If you can make any sense of all that waffle, I hope it helps :)


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