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New Rider from Mainz Germany

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Good evening everyone.

I am Lars from Germany and 30 years young. Pretty new V-Strom rider with an DL1000 ABS L8 from 2018 in White(maybe other color with wrapping later^^)
Working as a male Nurse / Nurse instructor and wound expert in an big hospital in Mainz Germany.
Thought international connection to other riders would be nice because I want to ride far und explore Europe.
Hope that I can get more Holiday next year and the freedom to travel without covid restrictions... :bow-blue:

If you want to know anything from me just ask.

Have a good evening everyone

 :welcome2: Lars

Hello Lars and  :welcome:

I have friends in Darmstadt, so not too far from you. Great riding roads over in Deutschland. If/when you do come over to the UK, I'm sure there's plenty of people on here who'll give you advice on places to stay (Fat Rat's campsite in Wales), and some decent routes too  :thumb:


Dirtbiker Martin:
 :welcome: :auto-dirtbike:

Greetings from Hampshire


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