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2008 DL1000 rear mufflers


Hello all, I hope somebody can help.  My rear mufflers have completely corroded at the point where they meet the center section.  I have been looking to source oem parts second hand. I have found 2005 and 2007 parts that both look like mine,  and have the same 06g0 code on the rear. My query is that some sites list these rear mufflers as 2002 to 2007, and then 2007 to 2010. Does anybody know what , if any, difference there is?

Thanks for any help

Hello there

A bloke on the forum posted that he had some decent nick OEM mufflers which he'd give away free of charge if they could be collected. He's in Loughborough which isn't too far from you. Maybe drop him a line and see if he still has them since a quick part code check suggests no change from 2006 to 2008.

I've messaged him,  well spotted,  thank you for your help  :thumb:


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