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Big Brain Crash Protection

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Quality crash pads (crash bobbins?) are not an option financially for me right now, but I need/want some additional protection in case I drop it doing low speed practice. Soooo, big brain time!

I fixed bicycle tyres with a bunch of zip ties to the crash bars. It feels very sturdy and I think it can really help in case of a drop. (The fairings are already scratched on both sides, but hopefully this will help mitigate any further damage.) Considering the looks, some might find it trashy, some might find it rugged and adventure-y.


ps: I couldn't figure out in which forum to post this, so please move it if the specific V-Strom sub forum or Pictures subforum is more appropriate.


My brain is still working on which forum section to put this in? Tyres? Humour?

I find the best way to avoid low speed drops whilst practicing my skills is to stay in bed.


--- Quote from: MartinW on May 31, 2021, 08:22:00 ---Humour?
--- End quote ---
Using an old bicycle tyre on a motorcycle... There's a pun about upcycling somewhere in there.

It just looks like your bike is wearing the after effects of an argument with a cyclist? :) 
Actually, I'd be ever so slightly worried about the grip factor, in even a slow speed slide/spill


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