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On bike cameras.

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Hello peep’s,

Going to put front and rear facing cameras on bike (not helmet cams etc). So my question is,  has anybody else done this and where did you mount them (apart from one at the front and one at the back)?

Thanks in anticipation of the wealth of information flooding this way.  :ty:


I have one 'hot glued' under the headlights and on the topbox mount. They give a good view of the ride. Previously I had a forward one mounted on the throttle side crashbars which also gave good views.

As a side (and slightly off-topic), I read/watched something a while ago from a biker solicitor which said to have them discretely positioned so if you're ever pulled it's not obvious you have cameras as the police can seize it if it's mounted to the bike - they also said, if I remember correctly, they can't seize it if it's mounted to you (they might ask you for it but can't seize it unless they arrest you, so you can politely decline)
It actually finished with saying unless you ride 100% within the law, don't bother with them as the likelihood of having an accident & not having a witness is very low.

Mr Nick:
I tried one mounted to the engine bars on the KTM and was quite troubled by vibration, so I'd say stay away from directly on the frame unless the camera has some vibration compensation.

This one UK?

It probably was that one TLP - good find  :thumb:

Here's some footage from a bike with the camera mounted on the crashbars.

I ought to download a video from my dual camera setup as I don't think I've ever looked at it...


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