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Hello All,

Hope you are keeping well.

I am after a new set of boots as my current one is less waterproof than a sieve.  The last 2 pairs I've had, the whole inner liner and the inner sole used to pull out every time I removed the boots, making it very annoying.

Any good suggestions for waterproof touring / adventure boots, budget of around £150


I have a set of RST raid X boots.
Comfy with a nice grippy sole for walking, buckles seem sturdy enough and they've not let water in yet.
The foot section is quite large volume so I have insole inserts in them but then my feet are very flat.

Take a look at these Alpinestars WP great boots.

Forma make an adventure boot around your budget. My pair have taken me around the world and are still comfy. So much so I use them as my only boots now having sold of my other pair of Daytona boots.

Hugo Magnus:
The advice I got from Boots was, Apply 2 times a day, Use sparingly. If symptoms persist.....


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