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Hermes again

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Since Hermes were unable to deliver to me I have always opted click and collect from my local Argos. Today Hermes messaged me a missed delivery. How surprised was I at their suggestion that Argos wasn't home to take the delivery. Bunch of tossers.....

Rusty Nuts:
 :dl_smiley_banghead: :dl_smiley_banghead: :dl_smiley_banghead: :icon_batterup: :icon_batterup: :icon_batterup: ### ### ###

Fat Rat:
They really are shit. I used them for a while because their collection service saved me going to the Post Office. Everything is okay until you need to speak to a real person from Hermes. Everything is automated and not in a good way.  :angry-banghead:

Mr Nick:
I've only had one of those with Hermes click & collect and it turned out that Argos had refused the delivery because their code wasn't clear enough on the parcel. Oddly, they took it the next day without any change, so it's not always Hermes. Usually, but not always.

I don't do C&C now for 2 reasons: Argos closed the local branch, and our current normal driver is a very pleasant young lady, who just happens to be quite pretty as well.



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