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First oil change / recommendations, advice...

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Good evening,
I will soon do my first oil and filter change and wanted to ask for a bit of advice on which oil to get, as there are a few different ones on sale (Austrian website, so probably not viable for my UK gentlemen).

* Castrol Power1 10W-40 (semi synth)
* A9 Ester Racing 10W-50 (fully synth)
The manual recommends 10W-40 but if I recall correctly some time ago I came across a motor oil discussion and someone said that they feel like their V Strom feels better with a different oil (sorry, blurry memory). So, my question is, do you b̶̪͔̓̔l̴̬̋̿o̴̪̽k̷̡̩͐̃e̸̖̻͑s̷͚̈̚ stick to the OEM recommended 10W-40 or do you swear by a different viscosity?

From my (yet) limited knowledge and quick research before posting the thread I would think that the A9 10W-50 fully synthetic should be the better choice. It's a little bit cheaper, it's more heat resistant (not unimportant I reckon since I will be going on the highway in the heat of midsummer) and it's fully synthetic which is (supposed to be?) better than semi synthetic oil.

Mr Nick:
If your normal local temperatures are in the 30 to 40C range, then go for the 10w50. I'd stick with the recommended 10w40 oil that's fine for the European climate as the manual only suggests alternatives where that is not available.

As above 10 /40 & you'll be fine , also I all way's  use genuine oil filters & don't go mad overtightning the sump drain bolt.


I've used the Castrol power 1 from new, no trouble so far. Cams looked good when I did the 30k valve sim. I did used Power 1 15w50 once but it was so slow to pour I went back to the 10w the next change. I change the oil every 3.5k miles and the oe filter every other change but I don't think it matters much what oil you use in a vstrom really.


--- Quote from: porter on May 05, 2021, 09:32:04 --- but I don't think it matters much what oil you use in a vstrom really.

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